Jess Glynne responds to backlash over #AllLivesMatter tweet

Singer was responding to the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

Jess Glynne has experienced criticism over a tweet that included the hashtag, #ALLLIVESMATTER.

The British singer was reacting to recent news of the deaths of two black Americas, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, who were both shot dead by police this past week.

With many showing their support for black rights with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, after the social movement of the same name, Glynne opted for a different hashtag in her post, a move that some have deemed reductive.

“We are all humans and we all deserve a right to live… No one NO ONE has the right to take that from you,” Glynne said in a tweet earlier today (Thursday, July 7), before adding, “To the policemen who think they can do what they want cause they have a badge.. You are truly sick. #ALLLIVESMATTER”.

Many have responded to Glynne’s tweets, with one saying, “BLACK lives matter. Stop erasing and undermining a hashtag created to create awareness for police brutality against blacks.”

Another added, “yes all lives matter but at this moment in time it’s #BlackLives that don’t. It’s black men that are being murdered by police”.

Glynne has since responded, saying that “the point I’m making is everyone’s life matters on this planet”. She added, “All you naive people need to shush and read what I’ve said. Enough hate!”

Meanwhile, Drake has penned emotional open letter about Alton Sterling, writing of his horror at the “cycle of violence”.