Touché Amoré sign to Jay Z’s Roc Nation management company

The post-hardcore band join Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Grimes, Haim and more at the company

Touché Amoré have announced that they’ve joined Roc Nation, the management company of Jay-Z.

The post-hardcore band, who formed in Burbank, California in 2007, announced the news via Twitter. They wrote: “To be clear friends, @RocNation is our new management home.” Adding: “A big point to add to the @RocNation move is that it’s all because of our brilliant manager @blzjames bringing us with him there.”

Roc Nation’s management wing is currently home to the likes of Kanye West, Grimes, Haim, Santigold, Kylie Minogue and more. Rihanna, Calvin Harris, J Cole, Jay Electronica, Rita Ora, Willow Smith are signed to the label.

Touché Amoré made headlines last year by selling t-shirts celebrating the death of the Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps.

Touché Amoré celebrated the death by selling T-shirts with Phelps’ face and the phrase “Good Riddance” on them. Proceeds from the sales of the shirts went to Human Rights Campaign with all of the shirts selling out almost immediately. The LA band first used the imagery in 2008 as a companion for their ‘’ demo.

Posting on the band’s Facebook page, frontman Jeremy Bolm explained the motivation behind the merchandise: “Here we are years later, and the man has died. We got messages saying we should reprint the design, so we thought, ‘We’ll do an updated version and have the proceeds go to benefit what the man lived the last years of his life trying to dismantle.’ We feel there is beautiful irony in selling an image of a bigot and using the profit towards achieving equality for exactly what they hated.”

Bolm continued: “Is it in poor taste? Depends on your taste buds. Poor taste to me is creating an evil cult to protest funerals, discriminate love, and whose website is if you wanna just slightly scratch the surface.”