Rapper YG invites fans onstage to destroy Donald Trump piñata – watch

On the first date of 'The Fuck Donald Trump Tour', no less

YG opened his ‘Fuck Donald Trump Tour’ last night (September 18) by inviting fans on-stage to smash up a piñata which bore a strong resemblance to the US Presidential candidate.

The Compton rapper has been vocal of his opposition to the Republican candidate this year, naming his current tour after his April single of the same name, which featured on his sophomore album ‘Still Brazy’.

YG’s tour kicked off in San Diego last night, and, mid-way through the set, he brought out the piñata. As Spin reports, the rapper then invited three fans to come up on stage to join him in beating the papier-mâchéd effigy with sticks. Once the piñata was decapitated and thrown into the crowd, YG then repeated the title of his infamous single before launching into a performance of ‘Fuck Donald Trump’.


Watch fan-shot footage of the piñata-bashing below.

Back in April, the video shoot for ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ was shut down by police in West Hollywood.

Officers arrived in riot gear and were armed with tasers, pistols and shotguns, according to reports from people in attendance, although the LAPD later told TMZ that they were not aware that the crowd – which numbered roughly a hundred people – was part of a music video shoot.