Nick Clegg secretly filmed his own music video of a Carly Rae Jepsen song

Ex-Lib Dems leader played the role of Tom Hanks in the remake of 'I Really Like You'

Nick Clegg secretly filmed a recreation of the music video of the Carly Ray Jepsen song ‘I Really Like You’, it has been revealed.

The film was made in the run-up to the general election last year, in the hope that a viral hit could boost the former Liberal Democrats leader’s popularity in the polls. However, the video has never been publicised, and remains unseen to this day.

The video depicts Tom Hanks walking the streets of Manhattan and greeting passers by with waves, high fives and posing for selfies, before performing the song with Jepsen.

It’s thought that it was this character that Clegg portrayed in the video, according to The Times. Rather than the streets of Manhattan, though, the video was filmed in Gravesend, Kent, and reportedly cost £8,000 to make.

It seems the video will not be released in the near future, with a party spokesperson saying “Yes, we made the video – and no you can’t see it.”

This is not the first time that Clegg has attempted to gain popularity amongst younger voters; in 2015, the Liberal Democrats posted a video featuring mocked up footage of the former party leader mashed up with the song ‘Uptown Funk’. The video in question has now been removed.

In 2012, an autotune remix of Clegg’s apology video regarding the increase of student university fees became a viral hit, gaining over 3 million views. Clegg even admitted that the song was “very catchy” on The Andrew Marr Show.