Anti-Nazi punk band set to top German charts in protest against refugee arson attacks

'Schrei Nach Liebe' (or 'Cry For Love') by Die Ärzte was originally released in 1993

A campaign protesting recent right-wing arson attacks on refugees in Germany could lead to a punk band from the ’90s topping the country’s singles chart this weekend.

As The Guardian reports, a social media campaign has called for fans to buy the track ‘Schrei Nach Liebe’ (‘Cry For Love’) by anti-Nazi punk band Die Ärzte, which was first released in 1993.

A social media campaign has lifted a 22-year-old song mocking neo-Nazis back to the top of Germany’s singles charts, in response to far-right arson attacks on refugee shelters.

The song was originally written as a reaction to neo-Nazi groups in the ’90s. It features the lyrics, “Because you’re scared of a cuddle, you’re a fascist”, and, “Your violence is just a silent cry for love… oh, oh, oh arsehole”.

Chart analysts Media Control say that ‘Cry For Love’ has broken the record for the most downloads within a week during 2015.

“I was really surprised, I never thought we’d manage it,” said Gerhard Torges, who started the campaign. ‘I haven’t got involved with volunteering to help refugees here because I don’t know where to go and I don’t have time. It’s much easier online.”

Die Ärzte have stated that they’ll donate all proceeds to German human rights group, Pro-Asyl.

“The campaign would have been cool with any other anti-Nazi song, but of course if it’s going to be ours, we’re very happy to support it,” the band say in a statement. “To all Nazis and their supporters, we wish you bad entertainment.”

Reports claim that there have been more than 250 attacks on refugees in Germany this year after the country has promised to accept 500,000 refugees a year from countries such as Syria.