The Travelling Band launch public appeal after having £30,000 of equipment stolen

Van containing all of the band's instruments was stolen on Tuesday night

The Travelling Band have launched an appeal for help after a van owning £30,000 worth of equipment was stolen.

The Manchester based band have appealed for the the safe return of their equipment, which went missing inside their royal blue Ford Transit van on Tuesday night (December 9).

The van, pictured above, was stolen from a street in Levenshulme and was last seen heading towards Bury in the early hours. Greater Manchester Police are investigating the theft.

Adam Gorman of the band told BBC News that the theft affects their immediate future as a band as they need it to record a new album. A post on the band’s Facebook page outlines more details, including a list of everything taken in the theft.

Estimating that they have lost “all the gear we’ve amassed over the eight years of being a band” Gorman said the band were “in shock” following the theft and were “trying to get the word out there in the hope there’s a lead somewhere”

Among the items stolen were a Yamaha drum kit, Roland and Novation keyboards, Fender amplifiers, and three guitars – a black Fender Telecaster, an orange sunburst Washburn Augusta and a black Epiphone Les Paul.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating.