Teen metal band Unlocking The Truth seeking to sever ties with Sony

Brooklyn trio discovered on YouTube after Times Square performance

Teen metal band Unlocking The Truth are seeking to end their association with Sony.

The Brooklyn trio – consisting of Malcolm Brickhouse, Alec Atkins and Jarad Dawkins – were signed to the label after a YouTube video of them busking went viral last year.

Shot in Times Square (and supervised by Brickhouse’s mum), the band performed their song ‘Monster’ as passersby dropped change into a collection bucket. A Sony executive later contacted their manager, Alan Sacks, after seeing the video, and the group signed a five-album, $1.8 million record deal.


“Our attorneys are working on our exit from Sony now,” Brickhouse told Billboard at yesterday’s (March 14) world premiere of documentary Breaking a Monster, which charts the band’s rise. Sacks has also confirmed the departure.

In January, Unlocking The Truth joined Marilyn Manson on-stage for a rendition of his song ‘The Beautiful People’ in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The band had opened several of Manson’s gigs, and Brickhouse ended the performance by stage-diving into the crowd.