Watch Prophets of Rage play gig outside the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland

The supergroup played near to the arena where Donald Trump will be confirmed as the Republican nominee

Prophets of Rage, the supergroup comprising of members of Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, have played the first of a number of gigs outside the Republican Party’s national convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

The new band, who released their debut self-titled song yesterday, have been vocal in their opposition to the US political party and its nominee for the forthcoming Presidential election, Donald Trump. They’ve organised a number of events in direct sight of the party’s convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, with yesterday’s street-side gig kicking proceedings off.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the supergroup first headed to Cleveland’s East 47th Street to join the End Poverty Now: March for Economic Justice rally to begin what they’ve billed on Twitter as “the Battle of Cleveland.” There, the band played a short gig, which saw Morello address the crowd.

“Thank you for coming out today with your joy and your militancy,” the RATM guitarist said from the stage. “We’re gonna play one more jam, then we’re gonna go over there [to the RNC] and you’re gonna go over there and we’re gonna let those motherfuckers at the RNC know that we’ve had enough of their bullshit.”

Watch footage of the gig below, via YouTube user Nick DominicOH, and tweets from the band below.

Prophets of Rage then played another guerilla gig in the Cleveland Public Square, which is located just under a kilometre away from where the RNC is being held. The band posted footage of that performance on their Twitter, which you can see below.

The band will play another gig today (July 19) at the Agora Ballroom in the city.