Nintendo breaks stock market record with Pokémon Go

The Japanese gaming giant’s share surge continues

On Thursday NME reported that Pokémon Go’s popularity had given Nintendo shares a huge boost, but now the company has broken the record for the biggest daily turnover in the Topix (Tokyo Stock Price Index) since the turn of the millennium.

Last week Nintendo’s shares soared 56% in the week following Pokémon Go’s worldwide release, but on Friday (July 15) the Japanese computer giant traded 476 billion yen (£3.4b), breaking the daily turnover record that was previously held by energy company Tokyo Electric, according to Bloomberg.


Pokémon Go was officially launched in the UK on Thursday (July 14), after a delay that saw it released a week later than other countries. The game is an app-based augmented-reality edition of the popular franchise and sees the fictional creatures superimposed into real life settings. Users can roam the real world to search for Pokémon characters.

It also became the most popular game in US history last week, when a study showed that Pokémon Go had attracted just under 21 million daily active users there, surpassing Candy Crush Saga‘s peak US audience of 20 million users a day.

But the game has attracted controversy since its release, with police in Australia issuing a warning over gamer safety that users should be aware of their surroundings, while it has also been reported that a gamer found a dead body while playing the game.