House DJ Lil Louis confirms he is deaf in one ear following Manchester CO2 cannon incident

DJ had his hearing damaged at Sankeys nightclub

House DJ Lil Louis has confirmed that he is now deaf in one ear following an incident in Manchester earlier this year.

As previously reported, Lil Louis was hurt when someone allegedly blasted a CO2 cannon directly into his ear during a soundcheck at Sankeys nightclub in Manchester. The DJ was forced to cancel the gig and seek immediate medical attention.

In a new update published on his Facebook page, the house DJ confirmed that he has suffered irreparable damage in his left ear but vowed to continue DJing. In the statement, which you can read in full below, he says: “Even if I can only hear with one ear, I’ll play twice as loud, so you can feel it.”

Lil Louis’ statement in full:

“Hi. Appreciate all of your love. Regretfully I have been told that I have suffered permanent damage in my left ear. Difficult as this has been to fathom, I’ve excepted this as my new normal. I’ve considered walking away a thousand times… Until this morning when I was awakened by a voice that said, “You have a gift”. Hearing that voice, I realised the gift God gave me was not in my ears. It was where I’ve heard everything I ever created first, in my mind. So for my father and everyone who prayed for me, I move ONWARDS… I will not stop. Even if I can only hear with one ear, I’ll play twice as loud, so you can feel it…”