Martin Shkreli asked to leave fraud trial to play Pokémon Go

Shkreli increased the price of a HIV-related drug by 5,000%

Martin Shkreli – the man who made headlines in late last year after buying the rights to life-saving drug Daraprim and increasing it by 5,000% – asked his lawyer after court yesterday (July 14), “Can I play Pokémon Go now?”

Last December, Shkreli also purchased the sole copy of ‘Once Up A Time in Shaolin’ from Wu-Tang Clan before offering Kanye West $15m to keep his latest album ‘The Life of Pablo’ from going public.

Yesterday (July 14) Shkreli was told he will face trial for fraud. According to NY Daily News, as Shkreli walked out of court, he asked his lawyer if he could go and play Pokémon Go.


The trail is to address the accusation that Shkreli defrauded investors in hedge funds he ran. The fraud case is unrelated to the price gouging of Daraprim.

US district judge Kiyo Matsumoto set the trial for 26 June 2017, after Shkreli’s high-profile lawyer Ben Brafman asked for the trial to be delayed due to complex motions he planned.

A new musical called Martin Shkreli’s Game: How Bill Murray Joined the Wu-Tang Clan is now in the works and has been described as “a new musical caper comedy”. It’s written by Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher and is set to be premiered at New York’s Midtown International Theatre Festival this month.

The plot is said to be “based on some crazy true events that went down between Wu-Tang and Martin Shkreli last year”, with its title referring to a hoax that alleged that the album could be stolen back by Wu-Tang in a “heist or caper” involving Bill Murray.