Amazon launches new music streaming service

Service boasts access to 'tens of millions' of songs

Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited, its new music streaming service.

The service – which has long been rumoured – boasts access to “tens of millions” of songs, plus personalised playlists and radio-style stations.

Currently only available in the US, Amazon Music Unlimited comes with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99, the same price as its main rivals.


Existing Amazon Prime customers are also entitled to a discount subscription of $7.99 a month, while users of the company’s Echo speakers can subscribe for $3.99.

A UK launch date has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, a new set of headphones which turn off when the user’s name is called are being developed by Amazon.

The company was recently granted permission for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that turn off when they hear specific sounds or keywords, leaving the listener less vulnerable to hazards when out on the street.

The technology would make wearing headphones safer and more practical, allowing users to hear when a siren is approaching or be able to respond when their name is called.