Sia reveals ‘crazy’ offers to perform live as she suggests she is open to touring

Singer has not played live in years except for TV performances

Sia has said that she is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain her policy of not playing live, admitting that at some point she may embark on a tour.

The singer has not played live since 2011 and has never performed songs from her 2014 album ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ outside of TV shows in the US and Britain.

However, in an exclusive interview with NME which is on newsstands now and available digitally, she reveals that as the offers of money increase she is ever more tempted to play for fans.

“I’m seeing some crazy numbers,” Sia says of the money she could make by playing live. “When they keep coming I’m like, ‘is it worth it now?’ because it could mean that I don’t ever have to do anything again.”

However, as an artist who has opted out of touring the world and staging concerts, she only wants to return if the shows can be as fun as possible. “I don’t care about doing it so I’ll throw the most ludicrous idea out and say say ‘I’ll do a live show if you can get Olivia Newton John to perform with me’, because that’s my childhood dream,” she says. “I’m working out ways to make it fun. I guess there’s a number, if I’m worth that number then I’ll go out on tour.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Sia confirms the name of her next album as well as what led her to retiring from living life in the public eye.

Sia has written songs for Beyoncé, Eminem and Rihanna among many others in recent years and ‘Wolves’ her collaboration with Kanye West was revealed earlier this month during New York Fashion Week.