Jazz legend Ornette Coleman dies, age 85

Musician suffered a cardiac arrest

Jazz musician Ornette Coleman has died, age 85, it has been confirmed.

Coleman suffered a cardiac arrest, according to his family and died in his hometown of Manhattan in New York.

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Having played in jazz bands as a young man, Coleman recorded his first solo album, ‘Something Else!!!’ in 1958 and saw him work with contemporaries such as Don Cherry and Billy Higgins.

Coleman is regularly cited as one of jazz music’s most influential figures and his 1959 album ‘The Shape Of Jazz To Come’ helped birth the start of the genre’s more experimental side. In 1960 he released ‘Free Jazz’, which gave this new style of music a name.

The musician continued his career up to 2007, when he released his Pulitzer Prize winning album ‘Sound Grammar’.

Coleman was also a keen collaborator and worked with Yoko Ono on 1970’s ‘Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band’ record and Lou Reed on the Velvet Underground frontman’s 2003 solo album ‘The Raven’. He performed live as recently as 2014.

Musicians who have paid tribute to Coleman since news of his death broke earlier today include Graham Coxon of Blur, Caribou and Fucked Up.