Cher calls Nigel Farage a ‘tosser’ before mistaking him for former Australian Prime Minister

Legendary singer also labelled Boris Johnson a 'fucking idiot'

Cher has apologised after mistaking a photo of former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for recently departed UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who she had called a “tosser” in an earlier tweet.

Following news that Boris Johnson has been appointed Foreign Secretary by new UK Prime Minister Theresa May, NME reporter Nick Reilly tweeted at Cher: “What do you think of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary?” Cher didn’t hold back in her response. “Think he’s a f-ing idiot,” she replied in a Twitter post. “Who lied to the British ppl & didn’t have the [balls] 2 lead then once “LEAVE” vote won.”


Cher went on to label both Johnson and Farage as “definite tossers” and “twiddle tosser and twiddle wanker”. However, she later posted a photo of what she assumed to be the pair, but was in fact Johnson with former Aussie leader Abbott, who held office from 2013-2015. See those tweets below.

This isn’t the first time Cher has commented on politics this year, she made her strong distaste for Donald Trump known at a rally for Hillary Clinton, saying that she’d rather “blow her brains out” than listen to the Republican presidential nominee speak. The singer made the comments while speaking at a fundraiser for the Democratic presidential candidate last month at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.