Glastonbury’s Block 9 plans pop-up music project for London and other European cities

Block 9 want the pop-up to debut in London in 2018

Glastonbury’s dance space specialists Block 9 have announced plans to launch a pop-up venue which will open in London in 2018 before touring through other city centres.

Block 9, who run the popular Glastonbury club venues Genosys, NYC Downlow and London Underground, describe the pop-up as a “brand new, stand-alone structure that can arrive in a city centre location, and is a piece of artwork in its own right from the outside, as well as a whole other world inside.”

Co-founder Stephen Gallagher told DJ Mag: “Creatively it’s early doors, but it takes the size and scale of the NYC Downlow, Genosys and London Underground, and mashes all of those together to make the mother****r of all experiences.”

Asked about potential locations for the pop-up’s first stop in London, Gallagher said: “We’d love it to be on the South Bank, or the Royal Docks. That’s an area that is going through a massive change at the moment, which fits the stuff that we do.”

Gallagher, who co-founded and runs Block 9 with Gideon Berger, also said they are hoping to bring the pop-up to other cities in the UK and Europe, as well as potentially to Burning Man festival in Nevada.