Bill Clinton turns down offer to play saxophone on US band Firework’s album

Email informed band former US President's calender is 'quite full'

It has emerged that former US President Bill Clinton turned down the offer to play saxophone on indie band Firework‘s new album.

The Detroit band posted a screengrab of an email they received from the scheduling department of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation in New York with the accompanying message: “We’re sorry we let you all down”.

The email, from Jenna Daley, read: “Thank you for inviting President Clinton to play his saxophone as part of your band’s album in September of 2013. As I’m sure you can imagine, his calender is shaping up to be quite full and due to prior constraints on his schedule, he is unable to join. I want to thank you again for your outreach, and wish you the best with your ongoing album recording.”

Pop-punk band Fireworks’ most recent album ‘Oh, Common Life’ was released in March 2014. In 2010, the band supported New Found Glory on a US and Australia tour.

It was recently reported that Mick Fleetwood urinated on the White House lawn during Clinton’s farewell party. Fleetwood Mac were at The White House for a surprise performance when Mick Fleetwood had to make an emergency pit stop as he was unable to reach the toilets before the band played.

“I was dying to pee and I didn’t have time to go back to the house before we appeared. I was saying to my manager, ‘What the fuck am I going to do?'” Fleetwood said. “I was dressed like Mr Rumours, in knickerbockers, with my wooden balls hanging out. The security guys must have heard because suddenly this fella with an earpiece said something like ‘permission granted to urinate on the lawn’. One of our musicians took a picture of me doing it.”

He continued: “I don’t think Bill and Hillary knew about it, but they’d forgive me.”