T In The Park organiser says teenagers’ deaths ‘hit us hard’

Two teenagers died on the first day of the festival

T In The Park festival organiser Geoff Ellis has spoken about the deaths of two teenagers at this year’s festival.

Megan Bell and Peter MacCallum, both 17, died in separate incidents as this year’s edition of the festival kicked off at Strathallan Castle in Perthshire.

The cause of death in either case has not yet been confirmed.

Ellis told BBC Newsbeat: “To say the deaths haven’t hit us hard would be a massive understatement. We like to think of T in the Park being one big family so there have been two deaths in our extended family.

“For it to happen at the start of the festival, it’s meant everyone has had that sadness to begin with. But we have to keep the festival going.”

In the wake of the teenagers’ deaths, extra drug amnesty bins have been placed in the campsites where festival-goers can hand in illegal substances without fear of being prosecuted.

Ellis said maintaining fans’ safety was about “reiterating the safety measures that we send out every year. He advised: “Stay hydrated, eat, pace yourself and don’t take drugs. You don’t know what’s in them.”

The festival organiser also said his team were doing their best to prevent drugs from entering the site. “We have sniffer dogs at the entrances and there is thorough searching,” he said.

“You can’t stop every illegal substance getting into an event, just as the UK can’t stop every substance getting into the country in the first place.”

T In The Park finishes today (July 10) with sets from Red Hot Chili Peppers, LCD Soundsystem, Diplo and more.