UKIP web URL temporarily purchased by independent label Alcopop! Records

Label attempted to take political party's domain name - but soon lost it

The UK Independence Party’s web URL was temporarily taken over by Alcopop! Records today (January 6) after the label purchased the party’s domain for £200.

Alcopop!, the independent label behind acts such as Acollective, Sam Duckworth, Johnny Foreigner, Waylayers>/a> and Brawlers, took ownership of the site at 10.30 this morning after the Eurosceptic party failed to update the subscription for – their official website.

The label tweeted confirmation of the purchase from while taking a swipe and Nigel Farage and co. “If they can’t be trusted to run a website, I fear a country may be too much for them,” it wrote.

A UKIP spokesperson blamed the issue on “technical problems”, and another UKIP source claimed that it was down to “dirty tricks” that “usually happen before an election”.

UKIP restored ownership of the domain later this afternoon, with Alcopop! posting on Facebook that “the internet has let us down”. “This morning we legitimately purchased the Ukip website for £200,” it wrote. “However, GoDaddy seem to have given it back to them (no sign of a refund yet). Genuinely gutted. We’ll be back Farage…”