Jens Lekman shares new song ‘Postcard #1’ and promises a song a week in 2015 – listen

The Swedish songwriter is also currently at work on his fourth studio album

Jens Lekman has shared a new song, ‘Postcard #1’, and has promised fans more new material in 2015.

The Swedish musician will write, record and release a new track ever week this year. You can listen to the first in his weekly compositions at the bottom of the page, via Consequence Of Sound.

Writing in an open letter, Lekman told fans: “I will sit down once a week, write down my thoughts, turn them into a song, and share it with you directly. Think of these little songs as postcards. Little greetings from me to you.”

He also confirmed that he is currently working on his fourth studio album, the follow-up to 2012’s ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’. Of how the new 52-song series relates to that record, he wrote: “I’ve been longing to write about things that make sense one particular day but that might make no sense once the album comes out. Then at the end of this year we can sit down you and me and listen through these 52 songs, and remember where we were and when we were there, who we kissed and who we missed. I’m looking forward to that.”