Spotify now available on PlayStation consoles

The music streaming service's catalogue can be accessed on the PS3 and PS4

Music-streaming service Spotify is now available through PlayStation consoles, Sony have announced today (March 30).

Users of Sony’s PS3 and PS4 consoles in 41 countries can stream from Spotify’s music catalogue via PlayStation Music.

A statement from PlayStation Music’s Eric Lempel reads: “This exclusive partnership brings the best in music and the best in gaming together on PlayStation Network, and I am thrilled to announce that Spotify on PlayStation Music is coming to the PS4 and PS3 systems today!”


“With more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists, PS4 users can soundtrack their gaming sessions with their favourite songs.”

The Next Web reports that the PlayStation Music apps allows users to adjust the volume and song selection without leaving the game screen.

Earlier this month, it was reported that major record labels are allegedly pressuring Spotify to drop their ‘freemium’ model.

Currently users can sign up for a free, ad-funded account to stream music via Spotify, however, the likes of Universal want this to change. As the Financial Times reports, the label are using their licence negotiations with the platform to persuade the company to charge users.

Labels claim that free usage of streaming services are harming music sales, both digitally and physically. Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge has criticised ‘freemium’ platforms in the past, saying: “Ad-funded on-demand is not going to sustain the entire ecosystem of the creators as well as the investors.”

However, Spotify are reluctant to resist free users as it could decrease their audience base. Spotify’s Jonathan Foster has said: “Without free, pay has never succeeded. We’re one of the greenest shoots of growth in the industry. We don’t want to destabilise that. We think that this model works.”