Danny Brown storms offstage in Glasgow after being pelted by pint of water – watch

The rapper reportedly said that he'd 'never play Glasgow again' following the incident

Rapper Danny Brown cut his recent gig in Glasgow short after a fan threw a pint of water at him.

The Detroit star was performing at the Scottish city’s SWG3 venue on Saturday (March 28) when he was interrupted by a missile from the crowd halfway through his set. After being hit, Brown left the stage and didn’t return. Reports vary between the object being a water bottle and a pint glass. Watch the incident below.

Glasgow’s Evening Times report that the culprit was “white, male and in his early to mid-twenties” and that he was escorted outside by security staff following the incident. The report also claims that Brown stated that he “would never play Glasgow again”.


One fan told the newspaper: “Danny Brown can rap about drugs and guns, but he can’t take a pint of water? The guy who threw it was an idiot, but Danny Brown was such a letdown for that.” Another defended the rapper, saying: “Danny Brown always puts on an insane show, but we didn’t get to experience it thanks to that guy.”

Danny Brown recently revealed that he is writing a children’s book inspired by Dr Seuss that will teach children self-esteem.

Brown, who is currently working on the follow-up to his most recent studio album ‘Old’, told Australian radio station Triple-J that he had taken on the project due to the influence of his 13-year-old daughter, but admitted it was taking him “forever” to finish.

“It’s really about self-esteem in black girls,” he said. “You know how black women do so much – process their hair, change their eye colour? It’s really about a little girl who does all these things to herself and changes herself, and she realises she’s just better off the way she is.” Brown also said that he wanted the finished tome to be “real Dr Seuss-y”, adding: “I think I am Dr Seuss!” he added. “I’m the Grinch. I’m all his characters come to life in rap music.”

The rapper revealed that he was in LA working on his fourth studio album and was determined to top his previous work. His debut, ‘The Hybrid’, was released in 2010, with ‘XXX’ following in 2011 and his third effort, ‘Old’, arriving in 2013.