Captured Tracks to reissue album by Ben Stiller’s teenage ‘no wave/ retardo’ punk band – listen

New York label is home to Mac DeMarco, Perfect Pussy and DIIV among others

Brooklyn indie label Captured Tracks have announced the release of an album by Ben Stiller’s teenage band, Capital Punishment.

The album ‘Roadkill’ was recorded in 1982 and features the actor, better known for roles in Zoolander and Dodgeball, on drums. Captured Tracks is the home to bands such as Mac DeMarco, Perfect Pussy and DIIV among others.

Stiller talked about his old band on the Howard Stern Show earlier this week (Wed 25). He revealed: “I was in a ridiculously weird band, Capital Punishment. I was like 15, 16, and my friend from high school, Chris, started this band … I was the drummer.”


The actor later went on to cite his musical influence. He revealed: “It’s a lot of weird music. We were listening to a lot of Bowie. It was like ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)’.” Last FM describe Capital Punishment as a ‘minimal electronic/no wave/retardo band’. Tracks from their album were leaked online last year. Scroll down to listen now.

The band’s bassist Peter Swann, now an appellate judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals, has told of how despite 500 copies of the album being pressed they all remained unsold. He and Stiller were also involved in a rap project, ‘Sucker MCs’. The other members of the band were Kriss Roebling, a descendant of people who helped build the Brooklyn Bridge, and Peter Zusi, now professor of Slavic studies at University College, London.

A release date for Capital Punishment’s ‘Roadkill’ has not yet been announced.