Jedward unveil new haircuts

Pair are also teaming up with Tara Reid and David Hasslehoff for new movie

Jedward have unveiled new hairstyles.

The former X Factor contestants – John and Edward Grimes – took to Twitter to post a picture of their 90s style blond curtains. They wrote:

The pair, famous for their massive quiffs, are set to star in the movie Sharknado 3 alongside David Hasselhoff and American Pie star Tara Reid.

The pop twins recently had to be rescued by a coast guard helicopter after they got trapped on a sandbank in Dublin.

They were walking a young relative on the coast near Malahide, when they got trapped on the sands.

The pairs’ mother, Susanna Grimes, called the coastguard after she was contacted by her sons who were getting “more and more desperate as the water was coming in,” she said

“It was terrifying for the boys. They ended up on shifting sands completely surrounded by water. This could have been a terrible tragedy but for the Coast Guard finding them,” she added.

Initial attempts to locate the duo using their iPhones was unsuccessful, so a helicopter was sent up to try and locate them. A 10-person Coast Guard team then had to wade through up to six feet of water in the middle of the night to reach them. They eventually got to the former X Factor contestants at 1am, by which time they were “very badly shaken,” their mum added.

Since appearing in the 2009 version of The X Factor, Jedward have represented Ireland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest – in 2011 and 2012 – and are currently working on their new album.