David Cameron says he’d rather listen to Bryan Ferry than Jay Z in radio interview

The UK PM also says he'd rather watch a hip-hop show than Big Brother

David Cameron has spoken a little about his music tastes, stating in a recent interview that he prefers Bryan Ferry to Jay Z.

Speaking to Capital Xtra this week, the British Prime Minister was asked who he’d rather soundtrack his upcoming election campaign to “claw back the youth vote”.

Given the option of Jay Z, Iggy Azalea or Tinie Tempah, Cameron instead plumped for former Roxy Music frontman Ferry, saying: “The track I would like to have, but this really makes me sound so old, is ‘Let’s Stick Together’ by Bryan Ferry because I think that’s the message for the election.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cameron stated that he’d rather watch a hip-hop programme that reality TV show. “I’m not a Big Brother fan – I have watched it,” he said. “I haven’t quite got into why everyone is interested in the Kardashians so I’m not doing very well on that one. So maybe I’ll try the hip hop show, that sounds a bit better.”

The Prime Minister was recently presented with a limited edition Salford Lads Club T-shirt, a reference to his well-documented love of The Smiths.

Cameron was given the item, which features a photo of Morrissey and co, by a reporter from the Manchester Evening News during a trip to the city, prompting him to quote his favourite band as he said thank you, commenting: “You have made my day. Thank you very much, there is a light that never goes out.”

The group’s guitarist Johnny Marr has previously said Cameron is “forbidden” from liking the band.