Bob Geldof cut off during Sky News interview after swearing repeatedly – watch

Band Aid 30 organiser said "bollocks" twice in quick succession

Band Aid 30 organiser Bon Geldof had an interview on Sky News cut short yesterday after he said the word “bollocks” twice.

Geldof appeared on the news channel yesterday, the same day that the Band Aid 30 single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ went on sale. The Boomtown Rats frontman and charity organiser was speaking to the station about the single and Ebola, the disease that the charity aims to combat through financial aid.

Jayne Secker, the host of the mid-norning news show, aired suggestions from social media that some of the musicians who recorded the song, including Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Chris Martin, Emeli Sande and Bono, could help more if they “paid their taxes in the right way”.

Geldof replied by saying, “I think they’re talking bollocks.” He was asked not to repeat the word but did so almost immediately when challenged about the idea that the single is patronising to Africa and the people living there. The Irish musician described this suggestion as, “Complete and utter bollocks,” which led Secker to end the interview prematurely, saying” “I’m afraid we have to apologise for that language again, and there we have to leave it.”

Yesterday also saw Geldof claim that this year’s Band Aid single made £1m in its first five minutes on sale. “From what we’ve seen from iTunes it’s gone bonkers. Within four or five minutes we had a million quid.”

The single was made available to buy online from November 17 for 99p, with the physical release coming on December 8 priced at £4.