Google to start publishing lyrics online

The search engine has reportedly already begun to share lyrics in related search results

Google is set to begin publish song lyrics online, competing with the likes of Genius (formerly Rap Genius), Metro Lyrics, Sing 365 and more.

The search engine has already begun to hire staff to transcribe and upload the lyrics to be shown in the results of related searches.

It has been reported that lyrics are already starting to show up on the search engine when users in the US search for lyrics to songs. The words to the songs appear at the top of the search results, ahead of results hosted by other websites.


A spokesperson – making reference to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’, said to be one of the songs whose lyrics are already catalogued by Google – told Business Insider, “There’s a feeling you get when you turn to a song and you know that the words have two meanings. Well it’s whispered that now if you go search the tune, maybe Google will lead you to reason. Ooh, it makes you wonder.”

Co-founder of Genius, Tom Lehman, told Business Insider: “We’re happy to see Google take an interest in improving lyrics online. We’d love to collaborate with them to create the best lyric experience the internet has ever seen.”


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