Bishop Nehru and Doom preview NehruvianDOOM album with new track ‘Caskets’ – listen

'NehruvianDOOM' album set for release on Monday (September 22)

Bishop Nehru and Doom have shared the third track from their forthcoming joint project NehruvianDOOM.

‘Caskets’, which can be heard above, features on the duo’s album full-length album ‘NehruvianDOOM’ due for release on September 22 via Lex Records.

The teenage rapper and his elder mentor previously released ‘Darkness’ in July and ‘Om’ last month.

Speaking to Fact about his work with Doom earlier this year, Nehru said: “He really took me under his wing, like a student. He showed me everything – EQing, mixing, producing. Kinda helped me sharpen everything up a bit. It’s awesome because Doom’s one of my influences. That’s somebody I’ve been listening to for a while. When I heard it I was like, ‘Oh, this guy is doing something completely different from everybody else.’ It’s amazing to be working with him, an honour.”

NehruvianDOOM Tracklist:

‘Mean The Most’
‘So Alone’
‘Coming For You’
‘Darkness (HBU)’
‘Great Things’