Apple reveal that iPhone 7 won’t feature a headphone jack

Apple have officially removed the 3.5mm headphone port from the new iPhone models

Apple have officially announced that the iPhone 7 will not feature the 3.5mm headphone port. Replacing the port is a Lightning adapter, which will be included with each iPhone 7/7 Plus.

The iPhone 7 will also be packaged with Lightning-enabled EarPods that connect through the same port where you charge your phone, as well as an adaptor to connect your traditional analog headphones.

Apple also announced their new wireless earplugs ‘AirPods’ with a battery that lasts 24 hours. Using infared sensors, the Pods only play when inside an ear and require no buttons, switching, or paring. The Pods will be able to switch automatically depending on which Apple device you’re using, and can also be used to make phone calls.


The firm said it had taken “courage” to take the step. Speaking to the BBC, Simon Lucas said, “If you’ve been interested purely in the audio quality then a wired connection has always been best.”

He continued, “You have greater stability – there’s no possibility of drop-outs. Wireless headphones also need to be charged, and the louder you listen to them the quicker they will run out of power. With regards to headphones with a lightning connector, there’s only about eight pairs currently available and they will all have had to pay Apple a licence to use its proprietary connector.”

The iPhone 7 will be available September 16th. The Pods, priced at $159, will be available in late October.