Radio 1 boss George Ergatoudis: ‘There’s no reason why there couldn’t be a new Peel’

BBC Radio 1 chief responds to musicians' questions about the station

George Ergatoudis, the head of BBC Radio 1, has said he believes there is no reason why there can’t be another presenter like John Peel in the future.

In the new issue of NME, which is on newsstands now and available digitally, the station’s boss answered questions from musicians and NME readers about the channel.

Responding to The Horrors bassist Rhys Webb’s question asking why no one was filling Peel’s role, Ergatoudis answered: “Well, it’s about being genuine. John Peel was a one-off: he was passionate about a massive range of music. When the right presenter comes along who’s passionate about a wide range of music, who appeals to our young audience, there’s no reason why there couldn’t be a new Peel.”

“I think we’ve got some great, very influential voices here,” he continued, replying to a question about tastemakers. “Zane is playing a massive range of music. And you couldn’t count how many amazing bands who go on to great things go through Huw Stephens’ show, which is really eclectic and covers all sorts of things.”

For the full interview with George Ergatoudis, check out the Christmas double-issue of NME.