Watch as rapper Birdman claims he sleeps on $1m cash on top of his mattress

Cash Money Records founder says he’ll carry on his night-time swag until he dies

Rapper Birdman has insisted he sleeps on a $1m pile of dollar bills strewn on top of his mattress.

The co-founder of Cash Money Records says he felt “blessed” to have enough money to be able to sleep on a bed full of money.

Birdman told ESPN: “I sleep on a million dollars cash. That’s just a fatuation for me in life. I do it and I’ll do it until I die. I was fortunate and blessed to be able to do it, and I sleep on it every night.”


The rapper explained that he sleeps under a Versace bedspread with the pile of notes under the sheets on top of his mattress. Asked by host Bomani Jones if the bed is comfortable, Birdman replied that he didn’t notice the money because his mattress is the size of three king-size mattresses.

Real name Bryan Williams, Birdman founded Cash Money in 1991 with his brother Ronald. It has since launched the careers of Drake, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

In April, Birdman launched a fashion line, Respek, whose clothes feature phrases from a radio interview Birdman gave in which he admitted he behaved embarrassingly.

His most recent album was ‘Rich Gang’ in 2013.