Sainsbury’s to stop selling CDs online

However the supermarket chain will still retail physical music in store

Sainsbury’s supermarket is to stop selling CDs online.

From March 2014 the chain will no longer sell physical music or DVDs, blu-rays, books, games and consoles on the web, only digital entertainment products, reports Music Week.

A spokesperson said that the store will continue to sell CDs in store, commenting: “We see that the online opportunity lies in digital products, with physical music, books, games and films sold in our stores. This move is in line with wider industry trends towards on demand entertainment, and part of our focus on the fast-growing download and streaming market.” Music Week asked if the supermarket would be starting a streaming service, and they responded: “At the moment we offer music for downloading but we will continue to develop our on-demand entertainment offer.”

The supermarket launched its MP3 downloading site in May of 2012, with access to over 2.3 million downloads, including tracks and albums. Keen to keep up with their competitors such as iTunes, its tracks cost 89p, most albums £6.99 and the chain vowed to match the lowest prices its on pre-order items as part of a price guarantee.