Martin Shkreli is auctioning the chance to punch him in the face

Bidding to punch the unloved pharmaceutical boss is at £60,000 so far

Widely-unpopular pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is auctioning the chance to punch him in the face for charity.

Shrkeli tweeted the offer, saying it would raise money for the family of his recently-deceased friend Mike, whose son recently overcame cancer.

People wanting to bid for the punch can send a DM to Shkreli via Twitter. He has since said that the two biggest bids so far are $78,000 (£60,000) and $25,000 (£19,250).


As an alternative, people can also bid to have dinner with Shrkeli. Bidding for that currently stands at $1,001 (£770).

Shkreli described his late friend as “The architect of my publicity stunts”, adding: “I’d bet he would be looking down at this and smiling.”

Some of Shkreli’s publicity stunts have included buying the only copy of The Wu-Tang Clan‘s album ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ and threatening to destroy it, offering Kanye West $15m to be the only person to own his album ‘The Life Of Pablo’ and donating $2,700 to former Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign after Sanders called Shkreli “The poster child of greed”.

Shkreli has also proved unpopular after his firm Turing Pharmaceuticals increased the price of Aids medication drug Daraprim by 5556% from £10 to £577. Known for his extravagant, self-publicising lifestyle, Shkreli has frequently been labelled the most unpopular man in America and has called himself “The world’s biggest heel”.