Dappy says hashtag tattoo on his face is to ensure he ‘stays trending forever’

N-Dubz rapper explains Twitter based ink located near his right eye

Dappy has explained why he chose to get a hashtag tattooed on his face.

The N-Dubz rapper, who was seen last on TV screens when he appeared alongside Jim Davidson and Blue’s Lee Ryan on Celebrity Big Brother in January, has a hashtag symbol tattooed near his right eye.

The icon has become synonymous with the social network Twitter in recent years where users to gather tweets on the same subject together. Explaining the logic behind his tattoo, Dappy tweeted his 837k followers to say: “The reason I got a # Tatted on my FACE was simply 2 make sure IT stays trending 4 ever.”

However, Dappy may become a victim of the fast paced world of social media with Twitter’s head of news Vivian Schiller recently explaining hashtags and @ replies may become a thing of the past very shortly. Buzzfeed reported in March that Schiller called hashtags “arcane” and hinted that Twitter might soon move them into the background of the service during a speech at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange conference in Denver last month.

Dappy had recently revealed plans to reunite his former group N-Dubz. He expressed his desire to get back together with his bandmates Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer. The trio went on hiatus in 2011, looking to concentrate on their solo careers.