British music’s governing body BPI ‘concerned’ at leaving the EU

BPI says vote ‘came as a surprise to the music community’

British music’s governing body BPI has said it’s “concerned” by the effect that Britain leaving the European Union will have on British music.

The decision to leave the EU is expected to have major implications for businesses, including the music industry, which brings in an annual £4 billion to the UK government from sales abroad.

The BPI, which oversees recorded music in Britain, said it will seek urgent reassurances from the government that British music will still be able to trade freely in Europe.


BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said: “The outcome of the EU Referendum will come as a surprise to many across the music community, who will be concerned by the economic uncertainty that lies ahead and the impact this may have on business prospects.”

Taylor added: “The UK public has spoken, and once the short-term political and macro-economic consequences have played out, this decision will mean new priorities for the music industry in our work with Government.

“We will, of course, press the Government to swiftly negotiate trade deals that will ensure unimpeded access to EU markets for our music and our touring artists. Our Government will also now have the opportunity to legislate for stronger domestic copyright rules that encourage investment here in the UK and which will protect UK creators from piracy and from tech platforms siphoning off value through copyright loopholes. We are confident that British music will remain hugely popular across Europe and we will work hard to make sure UK labels are able to capitalise on that demand.”

Taylor’s comments came after a host of musicians expressed their sadness and anger at the decision to leave the EU. 75% of voters aged 18-24 voted Remain, compared to 39% of over-65s.

Johnny Marr, Years And Years, Lily Allen, The Chemical Brothers and J.K. Rowling were among the first to voice their concern over the vote’s implications.


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