Rapper Lil B guests on track by new protege – his pet cat

Prolific US star releases song with Keke the adopted tabby cat

US rapper Lil B has released his latest track – a collaboration with his cat Keke The Adopted Tabby.

The prolific hip hop star is technically a guest star on the bizarre track – Keke taking the lead vocal and is listed as the producer of the song. Titled KeKe ‘The Adopted Tabby Cat makes history! First animal in hip-hop! Feat Lil B !!!’, the song was revealed on the rapper’s official YouTube channel last night (November 19).

The track and video is described thusly: “Produced by Lil B! This is amazing!!! How was this done? Keke the adopted tabby cat, some call her Keke the based cat has made history! With her proud friend Lil B, they both are extremely happy to spread love with humans and animals together, Keke has waited a long time and said there is more coming soon maybe, lets take our time, today it’s thank you Basedgod first, then thank you Lil B… now thank you Keke – Lil B”

Tweeting about Keke The Adopted Tabby Cat’s debut, Lil B was excited to introduce his new protege to the world:

Scroll down the page to hear ‘The Adopted Tabby Cat Makes History! First Animal in Hip-Hop! Feat. Lil B !!!’ now.