Was Fabric closure pre-planned by the council?

The nightclub had its licence revoked following the death of two 18-year-olds

Earlier today, it was announced that London club Fabric is to close after the local Islington Council revoked its licence.

Giving its ruling after a seven-hour meeting last night (September 6), Islington Council said: “A culture of drugs exists at the club which management cannot control.”

However, according to The Independent, documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request suggest that Fabric’s closure was a long pre-planned event, orchestrated the council.


The Independent states that Islington Council’s official statement regarding the closure lists 11 bullet points justifying the decision to revoke the licence. Two of these directly relate to the deaths of the two individuals, whilst the remaining eight relate to an undercover police operation that took place in the venue in July 2016.

The club, which opened in 1999, has been given the option to appeal the Council’s decision. Nightclub governing body Night Time Industries’ chairman Alan Miller said an appeal was likely. Miller said: “This is not the last word.”

The closure will mean the loss of 250 staff jobs, and comes despite 150,000 people signing a petition urging Islington Council to keep Fabric open. Miller added that a funding appeal, Fight For Fabric, would be started to help raise money to fight the decision.

The ruling comes despite an appeal by new London Mayor Sadiq Khan for council officials and police not to be too censorious about drug use in the capital’s nightlife. Khan had said he wanted “a common-sense solution” to the closure of nightclubs such as Fabric.