US album sales fall again to new weekly low

Previous low was recorded in October 2013

Album sales in the United States have fallen to a new weekly low.

In the week ending January 12, Nielsen SoundScan, who have been tracking music sales since 1991, recorded 4.25 million albums were sold across the country, beating the previous low of 4.49 million albums sold during the week ending October 27, 2013.

For comparison, the highest recorded album sales for the period Nielsen have been monitoring was in late December, 2000, where sales hit 45.4 million. The yearly figure for that year were 785.14 million, while 2013 saw just 289.41 million sold.

Nielsen figures note there is always a dip in January, with both the economy recovering after Christmas and few big releases to drive sales. The biggest-selling album for the week in question is the soundtrack to Disney’s Frozen, which sold 86,000 copies.

Weekly volume didn’t fall below 5 million in the SoundScan era until 2010, when, in the week ending May 30, album sales dropped to 4.98 million for the first time. That same year there were four weeks with under 5 million recorded sales. In 2013, however, there were 18 weeks recorded under that amount.

Over in the UK, album sales didn’t fare too well in 2013 either. It was the first year in 20 years where the UK’s biggest-selling album didn’t top a million sales. The biggest selling album last year was One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’.