Teen metal band Unlocking The Truth to be subject of feature length documentary

New York trio are all aged between 12 and 13

Teenage metal band Unlocking The Truth will be the subject of a feature length documentary.

The band made headlines earlier this month after reportedly signing a £1million record deal with Sony. The Brooklyn trio – consisting of 13-year-olds Malcolm Brickhouse, Alec Atkins and 12-year-old Jarad Dawkins – rocketed to fame after a YouTube video of a busking performance went viral.

Shot in Times Square (and supervised by Brickhouse’s mum) the band performed their song ‘Monster’ as passers by dropped change into a collection bucket. The clip, which has over one million views, can be seen below.

The young trio will be shown signing their five album deal in Los Angeles as part of the documentary, which will be directed by Luke Meyer according to The Hollywood Reporter. “These three boys are coming of age at the exact moment their band is being introduced to the entire world. This film is a picture of that unique moment,” Meyer said.

“The eighth graders are honest and sincere and represent individuality and incredible talent for their age,” said producer Molly Smith. “The piece spoke to us, as it has a great message about being yourself and following your dreams, regardless of the hurdles one must overcome.”

Unlocking The Truth are the youngest group ever to perform on the main stage at Coachella and have also supported Guns N’ Roses in Las Vegas and Queens of the Stone Age.