New York festival CMJ hit by Ebola scare

The Gutter cancelled a showcase after New York's first diganosed Ebola case likely attended the venue

The CMJ Music Marathon festival in New York has been hit by an Ebola scare.

New York City has had its first positive case of Ebola, with Dr Craig Spencer taken to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday (October 23) after coming down with a fever and later testing positive for the disease, reports New York Times. The previous night (October 22) Spencer – a doctor who was recently working in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders and treating Ebola patients – had traveled from Harlem to Brooklyn, where he had attended a bowling alley and music venue, thought to be either The Gutter or Brooklyn Bowl, both in Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Bowl was still open last night, posting on Twitter: “We are aware of the reports that an individual who may possibly be infected with Ebola attended an event in Williamsburg last night… Brooklyn Bowl has not been contacted by authorities and has no further information.”

However, The Gutter was closed “due to unforeseen circumstances” and cancelled its CMJ showcase gig. The show was to be hosted by Brooklyn label Goodnight Records and Heaven, Big Sleep, Friend Roulette and Sun Club were all due to play. The label wrote on Twitter:

CMJ takes place until October 25.