Troy Ave not charged with murder in Irving Plaza shooting

The rapper has been indicted on five other charges relating to the incident

Troy Ave has not been indicted for murder in relation to a shooting at New York venue Irving Plaza.

One man, Ave’s 33-year-old bodyguard Ronald McPhatter, was shot dead and four others were left with gunshot injuries following a shooting at a T.I. concert at the venue last month (May 25).

After CCTV footage of the incident was studied, Ave was charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Prosecutors said the rapper “recklessly fired a gun five times in a crowded venue” with no concern about the consequences and that he shot himself in the leg.

Now, Ave has not been indicted on any murder charges, but instead has been charged on five other counts. He is facing one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, according to TMZ.