Pulp, Blur, Coldplay studio to be turned into luxury flats

The site of Townhouse Studios in Shepherd’s Bush has been sold to developers for £7.5 million

The London studio where some of the biggest rock albums of the last few decades were recorded is to be turned into flats after being sold for £7.5 million.

Townhouse Studios in Shepherd’s Bush was the site where Blur recorded ‘The Great Escape’, Coldplay recorded ‘X&Y’, The Jam recorded ‘Setting Sons’ and Pulp recorded ‘Different Class’. Oasis, Muse, Robbie Williams and Elton John have also all recorded there.

The studio closed in 2008 and has remained empty since then, the Evening Standard reports.

It has now been bought by Irish property developers Perpetuum Developments, with the aim for the studios to be partially demolished and converted into 11 luxury apartments – which are expected to be sold for £2 million each.

Rock historian Adrian Bray told the newspaper: “It’s sad when our historical heritage slowly slips from view. All the iconic musical venues are disappearing. The Townhouse is not a beautiful building and its economic life is clearly over yet it’s significant. The fact is that if the council let Hammermsith Palais disappear without a backward glance, this place didn’t have a chance.”

The Townhouse was built in 1978 by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Records.