UK internet providers ordered to block more pirate websites

The High Court rules that companies need to put up barriers against copyright-infringing sites

British internet service providers have been ordered by the High Court to block another round of pirate websites.

Companies like BT, Sky, Virgin Media, EE and O2 have been told to put up barriers against illegal downloading sites YIFY-Torrents, PrimeWire, Vodly, WatchFreeMovies and Project Free TV.

While all these specific sites mainly provide access to copywright-infringing film and TV content, rather than music, it is the latest in a growing round of court orders against pirate sites, Music Week reports.

A spokesperson for music industry body BPI told NME: “Along with music, film and TV is one of the other key sectors within the creative industries that is significantly affected by copyright infringement. With so many options to enjoy entertainment legally and growing all the time, our role is more one of positive engagement with consumers. However, if there are sites that persistently offend in making content illegally available on a large scale, then surely it’s not unreasonable that action is taken against them. We believe the vast majority of the public would understand and support this.”

Back in February, a court ruled in favour of record labels that file-sharing site The Pirate Bay was breaking copyright laws and ordered for it to be blocked in the UK.

According to TorrentFreak, this latest court ruling brings he total number of copyright-infringing websites blocked in the UK to 33.