Mayor Of London Boris Johnson throws weight behind new busking campaign

Councils in the capital have been clamping down on musicians playing in public spaces

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has backed a new campaign to support buskers in the city.

Musicians such as Billy Bragg (pictured) and comedians Bill Bailey and Mark Thomas have been outspoken against moves by Camden Council to confiscate the instruments of busker under tight new measures to stop noise complaints in the borough. Other London councils have also introduced such measures.

The Mayor has now announced that he is launching a Back Busking campaign to support musicians playing in public spaces in the capital.

“Increasing red tape and a myriad of sometimes confusing rules mean buskers are often unsure about where they can perform,” a statement reads. “Some parts of the capital now operate mandatory licensing charges and can impose potentially large fines, making it financially prohibitive for many musicians.”

Johnson will launch the campaign on Wednesday (April 9) at the annual gigs competition organised by the Mayor, which invites musicians to perform around London on public transport and at various locations from St Paul’s Cathedral to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the O2.