‘The Big Reunion’ presenter Andi Peters wants a Britpop-themed version of the ITV2 show

Show narrator Peters says: 'Oh my God, they’d have loads of stories'

ITV2 pop documentary series The Big Reunion should do a Britpop-themed version, according to Andi Peters, who provides the show’s voiceover.

The current and second series has reunited pop bands including Damage, Eternal and A1, but Peters stated he thinks a more rock-themed version of the show might work.

“I think there’s a Britpop version to be made,” Peters told Digital Spy. “There’s all those Britpop bands of the same era as the bands on this series. Of course, the adoration wasn’t the same. People didn’t adore them in the same way as they adored pop bands. But, oh my God, they’d have loads of stories.”


The first series of The Big Reunion featured Atomic Kitten, Five, Blue, 911, Honeyz and B*Witched. It led to a package arena tour featuring the six groups in May 2013.

Not all of the original members of the bands feature in the series, and Peters said it doesn’t matter if certain band members don’t appear. “I’m not sure it works without one member,” he said. “But maybe, actually, it doesn’t matter.”

Peters was executive producer on Top Of The Pops from 2003-2005 and created the T4 youth strand of programming on Channel 4.

This year has been seen as marking the 20th anniversary of Britpop, with key albums in the genre such as ‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis, ‘His ‘N’ Hers’ by Pulp and Blur’s ‘Parklife all released in 1994.

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