Berlin club Berghain under threat from new ‘family entertainment district’

Developers are planning to transform the area around the nightclub

Berlin club Berghain could be under threat after plans to build a new “family entertainment district” in the area surrounding the venue have been revealed.

Developers are said to be aiming to transform the disused land around the famous nightclub, with plans to build a mall, bowling alley, cinema, restaurant and “music hall”.

As Fact reports, there has been no indication so far that Berghain will be forced to move, but the family-oriented nature of the new businesses could result in some issues for the club.


It’s thought that removing the isolated nature of the club could affect it on the grounds of noise or the presence of alcohol and drugs.

Berghain’s predecessor Ostgut was forced to move from its location in 2004 due to the building of the Mercedes Benz Arena.

Work on the new developments is scheduled to finish in late 2018.

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