‘Breaking Bad”s Aaron Paul features in club track ‘Dance Bitch’ – listen

The EDM track is by Tom Neville and Zen Freeman

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul features in a new club track, ‘Dance Bitch’.

The actor, who played Jesse Pinkman, features in Tom Neville and Zen Freeman’s track, which you can listen to below. Paul utters an EDM take on his infamous catchphrase from the show, which recently came to an end.

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad‘s musical supervisor hailed Badfinger’s ‘Baby Blue’ as the “perfect” song to end the hit TV series with. The 1971 track by the British band was played over the final scene of the final episode, which aired in America on Sunday night (September 29). The show’s finale was watched by a record 10.3 million viewers in the USA. UK viewers were able to watch the show on Netflix after it aired in the US.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Breaking Bad’s music supervisor Thomas Golubic talks about how showrunner Vince Gilligan initially devised the idea of using ‘Baby Blue’ and how he eventually came round to the idea of using the song, after it was previously used in 2006 film The Departed. “When he said, ‘I think this is the right song for the closing of the finale,’ I didn’t really hear it,” Golubic said. “I thought it was an odd little love song.”

Continuing, Golubic adds: “But in came the dailies, with that wonderful crane shot moving over Walter White, and once we played the song, [we thought], ‘Oh, I get it now’. This is a love-affair story of Walt and his love of science, and this was his greatest product – his greatest triumph as a chemist. It wasn’t about Walter White as a criminal or a murderer or an awful person. It was him ending on his own terms. It felt creatively right.”

Following its use in the finale of Breaking Bad, global streams of Badfinger‘s ‘Baby Blue’ increased by 9,000 per cent. According to Spotify, plays of the 1971 track – which features on the British classic rock band’s album ‘Straight Up’ – have rocketed.