YouTube cancels billions of allegedly ‘faked’ music video views

Two billion views have been wiped from the online streaming site

YouTube has cancelled billions of ‘faked’ music video views.

The video streaming site has cracked down on allegedly faked views on music videos, stripping Universal of one billion views on its artists videos and Sony of 850 million, reports the Daily Mail.

“This was not a bug or a security breach. This was an enforcement of our viewcount policy,” said YouTube, after dealing with the alleged inflated viewing figures for music videos on their site.

Leona Lewis has lost 24 million views as part of the initiative, which has seen YouTube crack down on violations of their terms of service.

The move came after the site conducted an audit of its viewing figures and suspected view count building techniques from hackers, who were allegedly artificially boosting views on certain videos.

However, sources in the music industry have blamed the fall in view counts on the fact that a large number of videos are now hosted on rival sites, such as Vevo.