Lily Allen and Beyoncé producer claims guitar music is at an ‘all time low’

Greg Kurstin says he is waiting for a band to come back with 'something raw and relevant'

Producer Greg Kurstin, who has worked with Lily Allen, Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson, says guitar music is at an “all time low”.

The hitmaker spoke exclusively to NME following the success of his work on Sia’s album ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’, which recently went to Number One in the USA. In addition to working with pop stars, Kurstin has also worked with The Flaming Lips and Karen O but feels that the fortunes of rock music are lower than ever before.

“I’m still waiting for rock bands to come back, something raw and relevant,” says Kurstin. “There are a lot of rock bands out there, but it’s a hard time for rock. Everything is so pop right now so I’m waiting for something to be the anti-version of that. Something raw, maybe a guitar band. I know there are a lot of guitar bands, probably more so than in the UK than there are in America, but it’s really at an all-time low in America. So I’m waiting for something exciting, raw and that to me will hopefully be the next thing after pop has exploded as much as it possibly can.”

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