UK music festivals are threatened by wet weather, says new report

57 festivals were cancelled during the notoriously wet summer of 2012

A new report has highlighted the threat posed to UK music festivals by extreme wet weather.

The report by ParcelHero notes that 57 festivals were cancelled during the notoriously wet summer of 2012. That number represents 5.9% of the 929 festivals that were due to take place that year.

“You plan for a year and it could all be washed away. That’s not a sensible business. It’s a reckless business,” said Festival No 6’s co-founder Gareth Cooper.


Not unexpectedly, festivals that go ahead in spite of extreme wet weather are likely to sell considerably fewer tickets on the day.

The report also confirms that over 1,000 festivals are due to take place in the UK in 2016, with over 14 million UK residents planning to attend one. The UK music festival industry is now worth a massive $2.3 billion a year, acording to the report.

Despite their generally green reputation, the report reveals that less than 32% of material at UK festivals is recycled. UK festivals generate 23,500 tonnes of waste a year and Festival No 6 says it spends up to £30,000 a year taking waste away.

The UK’s most famous music festival, Glastonbury, is now less than a fortnight away. Check out the latest weather forecast here.